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Crypto Empowerment

Lost coins only make everyone else's coins worth slightly more.

Think of it as a donation to everyone. 

                                                                 Satoshi Nakamoto

crypto empowerment

Crypto Introduction, Acquisition, Ownership and Uses

Crypto Introduction

There are a lot of:

  • Different Crypto Assets

  • Technologies Involved

  • Information Sources

  • Places to Buy Crypto

  • Ways to Use Crypto 

  • Ways to Invest in Crypto

Our Knowledge Shop Content and Concierge Programs are designed to help you understand, the "What - Why - When - Where and How" 

Crypto Wallet and Storage Options, Selection and Setup

Being your own bank requires a custody security plan

crypto wallets and storage
  • Custodial/Non-Custodial Storage

  • Hot/Cold Crypto Storage Options

  • Crypto Wallet Selection 

  • Crypto Wallet Setup

  • Wallet Security & Backup

  • Wallet Use Best Practices

  • Gnosis Safe Multi-Sig Solutions

We help you understand the available options and technologies, and how they may work for you to keep your investment in digital assets, safe and secure.

Security & Continuity Considerations
Best Practices

Preparation for the worst-case scenarios

Crypto Best Practices
  • Digital Assets & Devices Access

  • Online Account Access Plan

  • PC/mobile Security Practices

  • Critical Continuity Access 

  • Digital Legacy Management

  • Executor Tech Assistance

Feel more SURE about your plan.

Secure - Against theft

Usable - By your heirs/executor

Resilient - Built-In redundancies

Efficient - Not complicated

Crypto Portfolio
Diversification Analysis

Asset Profiles - Portfolio Composition

Crypto portfolio
  • Coindesk DACS 500 Based Format

  • Crypto Asset Profiles 

    • Fundamental​ Attributes

    • Technical Attributes

    • Sector/Industry Rank

We help self-directed crypto investors with knowledge materials to develop crypto portfolio comprehension.

Employee and Customer
Training and Marketing Materials

New technologies require some familiarization

Crypto Training and Marketing
  • Employee Crypto Training Webinars

  • Customer Marketing Materials

  • Business Owner Concierge Programs

Our team is ready to help with customizable communication and education materials.  Include your branding.

Commercial Applications for
Non Fungible Tokens

The business use-case for NFTs is growing

Because this is such a new area of development, all use-case ideas, should be explored. We will help you understand how to go to the next level.

NFT Applications
  • Customer Loyalty Programs

  • Customer Access Privileges

  • Membership Credentialing

  • Proof of Event Attendance

  • Branding Monetization

  • Content Distribution

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