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Sicurity Crypto Coach

Jeff Sicuro

Founder/Head Coach



Blockchain Council Certifications:

Certified Bitcoin Expert                      Certificate ID:29043282
Certified Cryptocurrency Expert       Certificate ID:29582884

Certified Cryptocurrency Trader       Certificate ID:30555605

Certified Cryptocurrency Auditor     Certificate ID:39521906

Certified NFT Expert                           Certificate ID:32560536

Certified Defi Expert                           Certificate ID:35451831

Certified Blockchain &

Supply Chain Professional                 Certificate ID:29920841

Empowerment Inspiration

Mr. Sicuro founded SICURITY Digital Asset Consulting to help people learn about and get involved with digital assets and cryptocurrencies.  He has spent most of his career in the medical product sales industry. He has worked with some of our country's finest healthcare providers, teaching and coaching them how to use new technologies and services to improve their outcomes.

After being bitten by the blockchain bug, and going down the crypto rabbit hole himself. Mr. Sicuro decided to apply his successful, straight-forward teaching approach, to helping people learn about and use digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and the technologies used to keep them safe.  His passion for continuous personal learning drives the vision for our company.


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Crypto Trader Certificate.jpg
DeFi Expert Certificate.jpg
Crypto Expert Certificate.jpg
Crypto Auditor Certificate.jpg
NFT Expert Certificate.jpg
Blockchain Supplychain Certificate.jpg
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