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Buying & Selling Crypto - On-Off Ramps & Exchanges

Buying and selling crypto assets involves converting fiat currencies into crypto currencies.  Crypto on-off ramps are the companies and services that facilitate those transactions.


In the early days of crypto assets (Bitcoin) the on-off ramps were very few, and much less secure than the majority of options that we have available today.  Today’s crypto on-off ramps are centralized crypto financial companies. They are subject to regulations and government reporting.


Before discussing various crypto on-off ramp options and considerations, we will start out this book with a review of some best practices for online awareness and security.  You are the first person that is responsible for the security of your data, and your crypto.


We will review several factors you need to consider when selecting the on-off ramps you wish to use. 


See Table of Conents drop-down, on the right side of this page.   (64 pages)

Buying & Selling Crypto - On-Off Ramps & Exchanges

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