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Crypto Transfers & Blockchain Explorers

Once you have acquired some crypto assets, chances are that you are going to want to move them to your self-custody wallets, or to a lending protocol to earn passive income.  You may want to spend them, trade them, swap them, burn them, mint an NFT with them, or anything else.


All of these activities will involve you transferring the crypto assets from their current location to the new location. This book will walk you through the basic steps, as well as sharing best practices for sending and receiving crypto assets.


Blockchain explorers are information tools that we can use to view and track transactions on a blockchain.  Every blockchain will have an explorer.


We will introduce you to these helpful tools, and explain how to use them to keep track of your transactions. 


Additionally, blockchain explorers are great information sources about the blockchain’s on-chain activities and addresses. 


This information will help you differentiate between blockchains with regard to their transaction volumes, speeds, and throughput.  These factors affect the potentials and the investability of the blockchain’s digital assets.


See Table of Contents drop-down, on the right side of this page.    (75 pages)

Crypto Transfers & Blockchain Explorers

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