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Cryptography & Blockchain Basic Concepts

The first book in our Crypto Empowerment Introduction Series. This book will help you understand how cryptography is used to keep data secure and how blockchain technology works, as well as its real-world benefits and applications.


Cryptography has been in use for thousands of years.  Why?  

Because it works very well for securing information.  


Blockchain was introduced in 1991, as a means of timestamping documents. By storing cryptographic hash values in a timestamped block on the blockchain, one could prove that a document existed at a certain time in a certain version.


The idea did not receive much attention, until…  17 years later, when Satoshi Nakamoto adopted the principles into the creation of Bitcoin in 2008.


Today, cryptography and blockchain technologies are securing and recording ownership of trillions of dollars in value. The use case is broadening beyond cryptocurrencies, into other areas that will improve our everyday lives.


This book will introduce you to the basic concepts of cryptography and how they are used to secure blockchains. You will then be introduced to blockchain technology. The remainder of this book will cover many aspects of blockchain technology. 


See Table of Contents drop-down, on the right side of this page.   (113 pages)


Cryptography & Blockchain Basic Concepts

  • Each Digital Download includes both: 

    • .pdf  and  .epub versions of the book you purchase.
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