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Digital Assets - Classifications & Uses

With well over 20,000 different crypto assets on the market, how do you know which to use or invest in? How can you sort through the options? How can you compare crypto assets?


Sorting and organizing large data sets usually involves a standardized process or format. As humans, we absorb information better when it is structured. This makes analysis and comparisons much more simple.


In science this is a very common practice, biology, chemistry, psychology, etc. all involve studies of structured data. Classifications, groups, species, populations, etc. are all concepts that were introduced to organize data.


This book will introduce two methodologies that are being used to organize the crypto asset universe. The first method focuses on the functions of crypto assets and the second method focuses on the economics of crypto assets. 


The information that you are introduced to will be the foundation for your further research and understanding of crypto assets.  If you become an investor, this information will help you maintain diversification, and find targets for investments.


See Table of Contents drop-down, on the right side of this page.   (66 pages)

Digital Assets - Classifications & Uses

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