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Crypto Acquisition Series - Perpetual Print Edition

The Perpetual Print Edition of our Crypto Empowerment - Acquisition Series includes all three books:

  • Buying & Selling Crypto  On-Off-Ramps and Exchanges
  • Crypto Transfers & Blockchain Explorers
  • Crypto Storage and Custody


To get started, you will need to convert your government money into crypto assets. This conversion "place" is called an on-off ramp.  For most folks that will be a crypto exchange or broker. Our first book in this series covers many of the considerations regarding the options you will have.


Once you have purchased or traded for crypto assets, you will want to move them to wallets that you control the private keys for. Our second book in this series reviews how to transfer your crypto assets from one wallet to another.  This book also explains what blockchain explorers are and why you would want to use them.


The third book in this series dives deeper into the storage and custody options for crypto assets.  We will go through the differences between custodial and non-custodial wallets, as well as review the wallet options available. Wallet Flow, wallet security and wallet maintenance are all explained in this book.


Your email address used for this purchase delivery, will automatically receive complimentary copies of any of the three books included in this series, any time we revise a version.


(233 pages)  Please refer to individual book product descriptions, for collective table of contents information.


Crypto Acquisition Series - Perpetual Print Edition

  • Each Digital Download includes both: .pdf and .epub versions of all three books.

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