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USDC Crypto - Mouse Pad

A crypto-themed mousepad is any computer-user’s dream companion. Our dye-sublimation process and sure color Epson inks, ensure the crypto imprints will not fade or bleed. The colors and designs provide a great opportunity to breathe some vibrancy and energy into any cubicle, workspace, or home office.  Show your crypto enthusiasm.  WAGMI!!


Our mouse pads are optimized for mouse sensors and designed for maximum control and precision. They will provide a long lifespan, comfort, and a superior degree of flexibility. The construction is lightweight and portable.


Our smooth neoprene top provides a slick, responsive surface with plenty of room for mouse movement. The foam rubber bottom surface prevents slippage. The 9” round shape is non-obtrusive on any surface. 


·        1/4" (0.63 cm) thick

·        Material: Neoprene top, rubber bottom surface

·        Top surface is cleanable with mild detergent

·        Compatible with mechanical, laser and optical mouse formats



USDC Crypto - Mouse Pad

SKU: 11314095146928350664
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